I'm Excited to Meet You.

I’m Monty Hobson —  story consultant, leadership coach, and transformative speaker. My passion is to help you & your message connect with your intended audience, add value to your influence, and inspire you to leave a legacy of servant leadership.

With 20 years of experience, I do this by catalyzing businesses and non-profits towards organizational health and corresponding numerical growth. It starts with telling your company’s story, developing the leader within you, and applying servant principles to everyone you encounter. I’ve shaped the verbal, visual & culture identity of small, medium and large organizations ($300k – $10mm), helping them connect their message, product, or service to their intended client.

You’ll also benefit from my training with the John Maxwell Team. I’m a Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, with access to John’s vast leadership resources. Together we will discover how to further you individually, while growing your business.

Quick Consult

Arrange a 60-minute, 1-on-1 consulting session. Prior to our call, I will spend one hour accessing your needs including, reading your consulting questionnaire, reviewing your website, and matching your leadership style with relevant materials to best advise you. Find out more by visiting the Quick Consult session page. Note: this is a paid call.


Telling Your Business’ Story is my specialty. I help you clarify your brand messaging so your clients & employees connect to your organization’s narrative, as if it were their own. From copywriting to video marketing, from consulting to creating content, my expertise is inspiring your audience to identify with your business.


Leveraging my experience as a John Maxwell Team Certified Leadership Coach-I equip you to create a servant-leadership work culture. We equip employees at all levels to carry the organization’s narrative as ambassadors who add value to every work interaction. We provide coaching one-on-one with leaders and provide training & teaching for groups and with large audiences.


Care for others is the key ingredient-from the top to the bottom of your company-which allows everyone to embrace your organization’s message. Every company communicates, but few connect with their audience. As a certified speaker, I’m trained to inspire organizational vision, through the John Maxwell (ACT) Method-Teaching for Change and (immediate) Application.

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