Quick Consult

You’re willing. You’re able. You’ve been working hard. Effort is not the problem. You just know things need to be better.

What will help is to process your thinking out loud with someone that can encourage you, deliver concrete strategy, and move you towards your desired results–driven by your actions.

As a John Maxwell Team Consultant and business builder, I harness the mentorship, experience & resources of some of the best leaders in the world to provide innovations and solutions that propel you forward. When you get me, you get a team anchored in success.

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In your Quick Consult session, I connect with you 1-on-1 to assess the present road map of your business and gain unique approaches to increase your outcomes. In short, you’ll understand your unique path towards growth.

Schedule a quick consult if…

  • You would say you’re not sure what your brand is, or what your story is
  • You’ve plateaued in terms of revenue and want to reinvigorate your customers & reach new clients
  • You’re sure of who you are and how your business can help but not sure how to get clients
  • You’re inspired to start a business & need wisdom to know if you’re ready so you can get off on the right foot
  • You’ve got a business problem and you need help solving it

Your next step:

  1. Click the ‘Book Your Call’ button.
  2. Fill out your Quick Consult questionnaire and I will respond with a personal e-mail.
  3. We will set up our 1 hour one-on-one phone call and close payment.

Much of the work I do is before our call, researching your business as it stands, tapping leaders in your industry and seeking unique answers to the problems you articulate in your questionnaire. When we talk, you’ll have a unique path forward that is consistent with who you are and your desired outcomes, as well as solutions to the challenges you shared.

The cost of our one-on-one is $250.